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We’ve created a platform whereby users can upload details about their existing home loans, allowing others to compare and contrast these details, and to use this information to help determine their own "Fair" borrowing rates.

The Fair Rate Market is designed to encourage transparency by anonymously facilitating introductions between borrowers and lenders for the purposes of refinancing existing home loans. Potential borrowers determine the “Fair” rate they would be prepared to refinance their existing home loan, while potential lenders understand the borrowers preferences prior to entering into any refinancing discussions with them.

Submitting your Fair Rate application can be done anonymously and is as easy as 6 simple steps.

Step 1: Ensure that you have the details of your existing home loan(s) that you wish to submit into the Fair Rate Market (particularly your existing Loan Amount(s) and Existing Interest Rate(s)), also you should know the estimated property valuation against which your loan(s) are secured.

Step 2: Access the Fair Rate application from either (a) under the ‘Fair Rate’ menu in the top tool bar where you can select ‘My Fair Rate’ or (b) the ‘Upload My Fair Rate’ green button next to the full Fair Rate Market.

Step 3: Select your country. Please note that the application form is different for Australia and other countries as dfinanz is only seeking to facilitate introductions between potential borrowers and potential lenders within Australia at this time.

Step 4: Complete the form entirely (all fields are mandatory). This process shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to complete.

Step 5: When you submit you will (a) receive an SMS Borrower ID Code (BIDCODE) which will need to be input into the system to validate your application, (b) be directed to the Fair Rate Loan Acknowledgement which you will need to agree to before proceeding.

Step 6: Submit your BIDCODE and accept the acknowledgement and your Fair Rate Application will be submitted into the Fair Rate Market.

The borrower does not pay anything to dfinanz, all remuneration received by dfinanz is paid by the lending institution. (Please see our Fair Rate Market Terms & Conditions of Use for our Remuneration Disclosure).

Ideally a Fair Rate is one that is commercially sensible for both the borrower and lending institution alike. The transparent nature of the Fair Rate Market allows others to compare their own interest rates, and to use this information to help determine their own “Fair” borrowing rates.

There is no guarantee that a lender will be able to refinance a borrowers existing home loan at the borrowers preferred “Fair Rate”. dfinanz does not make any statements that it has the capacity to commit to or approve the funding of any loan, or that a Lending Panel Member (lender) will agree to the borrowers Fair Rate or approve the loan, or that Lending Panel Members will make exceptions to their policies for its borrowers or related parties.

Yes, once you’ve anonymously submitted your Fair Rate registration you can return and edit your details including your Fair Rate at any time. This can be done via the ‘Edit my Fair Rate’ option located under ‘Fair Rate’ tab in the top toolbar.

Your Fair Rate information can be viewed in two different formats by two different user groups:

Publically Viewable Information: The information displayed here is limited to (a) Country; (b) State/Region; (c) Existing Lender; (d) the loan amount; (e) the existing interest rate; (f) your desired fair rate; and (g) your loan type (Fixed/Variable/Combination). As you can see it is not possible for anyone in the public domain to identify you in any way. This information is intended to assist the broader community to be able to make informed decisions about what a fair rate might look like.

Lender Viewable Information: The information that you submit through the Fair Rate application will be available to potential lenders except for the following: (a) your name; (b) your Date of Birth; (c) your Mobile Number and (d) your email address. In this way, potential lenders will be able to consider your Fair Rate application without knowing who you are unless they are willing to commence a home loan refinancing discussion with you based upon your fair rate preferences. We verify all potential lenders prior to granting them access to the dfinanz Fair Rate Market lending panel to ensure they are reputable and appropriately qualified and licensed to assist you.

Once a lender decides they would like to be in contact with you they will request your contact information from dfinanz. At this point you will be notified by dfinanz of the lender’s identity and that you will be contacted within 2 full working days to discuss your Fair Rate application. You will not be contacted by more than one lending institution (we don’t make your information available to anyone aside from authorized lenders on the dfinanz platform, please refer to our privacy policy for further details regarding your information).

Entries in the Fair Rate Market change colour to reflect different activities that are occurring within the platform:
White = Live Fair Rate registrations.
Amber = A lender is currently viewing this fair rate registration.
Blue = A lender has requested exclusive access to this fair rate registration.
Green = A lender and borrower have agreed to refinance the borrowers existing home loan.

A Lender will select your application from the Fair Rate Market platform and will be given exclusive access to the your complete details for a period of two full working days. During this period the lender must contact you using the contact details supplied in your Fair Rate registration. If both the borrower and lender decide that they wish to pursue the refinancing opportunity then the lenders normal loan application process will apply (please refer to the T&C of Use).

If a lender fails to establish contact within this period they will no longer have exclusive access and you may elect to rejoin the Fair Rate Market.

The information contained in the fair rate registration process and all the information provided by the borrower to dfinanz and the potential lending institution, must be true, correct and complete and given in support of the fair rate loan registration (please refer to the T&C of Use).

During your discussions with a potential lender you may find that either you or the potential lender do not wish to proceed with the home loan refinancing opportunity. In this situation you have the option to contact dfinanz at and we will reload your Fair Rate application into the platform. If you wish to edit any details you can do this via the ‘Edit my Fair Rate’ option located under ‘Fair Rate’ tab in the top toolbar.

There could be a number of reasons for this ranging from your Fair Rate expectations through to the policies concerning the approval of credit for any individual lending institution. You will be able to edit your Fair Rate application at any time by following the below steps:

Step 1: Under the ‘Fair Rate’ menu in the top tool bar where you can select ‘Edit my Fair Rate’.

Step 2: You will be asked for (a) your BID ID (for example BID70); (b) the email address you used when you originally submitted your Fair Rate Application; and (c) the password that was contained in the original confirmation when you submitted your Fair Rate Application.

Step 3: You will have access to the original Fair Rate application and be able to make any amendments to the form.

Step 4:Submit your amendments.

Users can access the dfinanz Fair Rate Market to load or update their Fair Rate registration 24 hours a day / 7 days a week (accept during scheduled outages which will be advised by us beforehand).
The Fair Rate Market can be accessed by our lending panel members (lenders on weekdays) between 10.00am to 3.00pm ( excl. public holidays).
The Fair Rate Market operating hours will be reduced on days when the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) releases their official interest rate settings.