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Social Network

You will have ‘Read Only’ access to dfinanz up until the point that you log into dfinanz. After logging into dfinanz you will be returned to the Social Network and have the ability to interact with the system.

Posting Content: The process of posting content in dfinanz is identical to other leading Social Networks in that you can either type content directly into the ‘Share your Insights’ section of the Social Network or alternatively copy and paste links to articles from other sources.

When posting content you should add at least 1 tag relating to the content which will be added to the tag list and enable this content to be found by other users.
Refer to the Terms of Use for dfinanz concerning content rules.

Commenting on Content: Underneath each post will be a section for you to comment. Within this field you will be able to type comments and/or add links to other related articles.

Once you are logged into dfinanz for the first time the default content displayed will be content related to the jurisdiction that you are located in. In the event that there is no content available relating to your jurisdiction, then a series of content that has been provided by dfinanz will be displayed.

You are then able to configure the content displayed by clicking on tags contained within the ‘Tag Cloud’ which will enable you to filter the information to be aligned with your interests.

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